Flex Duets

Shortly available for clarinet, alto saxophone and flute:

Flex Duets: intermediate


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Playing together is one of the most beautiful activities in wind music. On your own you can only produce one note at a time, but together whole harmonies are brought to life.
This book contains music of a wide variety of styles of music and periods of time.
We tried to keep as close as possible to the original composition without omitting too much or choosing (only) easy and familiar themes.

The Title
The title 'Flex Duets' signifies the flexible character of these duets. The following pieces of music can be easily/smoothly combined for different instruments. That is why they are so extremely suitable for group lessons with different woodwind instruments:

Flex Duets - Intermediate: 2 Flutes (demoscore)
Flex Duets - Intermediate: 2 Clarinets (B-flat) (demoscore)
Flex Duets - Intermediate: 2 Alto Saxophones (demoscore)


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